DD-Ready – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions we have been asked. If you have a question related to the use of DD-Ready, the fastest way to get answers is to contact DD-Ready™ support.


What is Due Diligence?

Due Diligence is a process undertaken by investors, bankers and funds prior to making their investment decision into a potential target company, which may be a startup, growth or fully operational mature company (fundraiser). Due diligence comprises of elements such as Financial Due Diligence (FDD) and Legal Due Diligence (LDD). The aim of the process is to ensure that the fundraiser fulfills and is able to deliver on the promises it has made to its potential partners. The due diligence process requires all documents to be in place. The lack thereof is seen by investors and funds as the primary bottleneck in deal management, often causing deals to fail.

Why is Speed an Issue?

The world moves too fast for investment rounds that last six months. Being DD-Ready™ ensures that potential investor has all required information at their fingertips to make their investment decision quickly. Move from initial discussions to Term Sheet, to Due Diligence and Financial Close in a space of few days.

Is My Data Safe With You?

Your files are safe with us. With end-to-end file encryption stored on some of the most secure servers in the world, your files are stored in a safe environment. When sharing files using our 1-click VDR™ virtual data room solution, you will know who is viewing which of your files and have complete control over providing or revoking access.

Why Do I Need DD-Ready?

Corporate governance is most often overlooked in early stage and growth companies. Businesses often focus on getting the product, service or concept on the market and miss out on the important elements of corporate governance. DD-Ready™ intuitively reminds you of which documents are out of date, what may be missing and when they are needed so you have full control and visibility into the central elements of your corporate documentation.

Does the due diligence examination need to be carried out with a DD-Ready™ partner?

No. The investor decides which service provider is used in due diligence. However, DD-Ready’s partners offer high-quality services for due diligence, in case you have not chosen a service provider yet.

DD – Initial Check is DD-Ready’s service and provided with our high-quality service provider partners.

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How does the DD-Ready System help me qualify my investment decisions?

DD-Ready has been developed by angel investors and lawyers who have been struggling with fundraisers that do not have up to date corporate documentation. They may have a great concept and a quality team, but are not investment ready; and end up wasting investors’ time and resources. DD-Ready has tailored information request lists to support fundraisers that
are customizable to meet needs of specific funds or banks.

In the DD-Ready system the investor has an overview of all the fundraisers’ progress using customized dashboards. The investor can manage his investment deal flow, follow and communicate with applicable portfolio companies.

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How Can I Become a DD-Ready™ Partner?

DD-Ready™ partners up with cutting-edge M&A experts, such as law firms, financial administration service providers and experts, who want to give their customers safe, efficient ja reliable services and consultation related to due diligence.

The level of DD-Ready™ Partnerships may vary from only using the DD-Ready system for streamlined due diligence services, to more extensive collaboration.

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Alternative Funding Mechanisms

How can DD-Ready™ help equity crowdfunding platforms and crypto-funding platforms to secure their business?

The changing financial sector, comprising of i.e. equity crowdfunding platforms, peer to peer lending and crypto-funding platforms need to ensure their business continuity. Any platform, whether using Fiat or Crypto currency is only as valuable as its assets: only one malicious or fraudulent asset will put the whole platform in question.

DD-Ready has built DD – Initial Check service for funding platforms to become self-regulated and to protect their investors – as well as the founders and operators of the platform itself.
By becoming a self-regulated marketplace, equity crowdfunding platforms and cryptocurrencies can show that they carry out due diligence of the assets as a prerequisite to publishing them on the platform. This protects the platform’s brand, its directors and offering by carrying out due diligence on the assets it presents.

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DD-Ready™ Services

What is DD – Initial Check?

DD – Initial Check is a compact quality assurance procedure for the most critical corporate governance documentation.

DD – Initial Check is a certification to show that a third party has validated certain defined elements of the fundraiser to ensure that the company is legitimate and provides an ongoing service to upkeep a records of the company and examine any records, complaints or violations made against the company under public records.

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What is the difference between DD – Initial Check and DD-Ready™ status?

DD – Initial Check is a compact quality assurance procedure for the most critical corporate governance documentation.

DD-Ready™ status means that company has collected the documentation required for a due diligence examination. DD-Ready™ does not evaluate the quality of the content of the documentation.

In most cases, documentation required for the DD – Initial Check is also included in the DD-Ready™ documentation, but DD-Readyness requires more extensive documentation. This means that a fundraiser can undergo DD – initial Check and then proceed towards DD-Ready™ status.

As the company achieves both DD – Initial Check and DD-Ready™ status, it means that the company has collected the documentation required for due diligence process – and the constitutive part of the documentation has already been reviewed.

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