Are you DD-Ready™?

The world moves too fast for investment rounds that last six months. Fundraisers need tools for more streamlined due diligence process. Being DD-Ready™ at all times ensures that a fundraiser’s potential investor has all the required information to make their investment decision quickly. Move from initial discussions to Term Sheet, to Due Diligence and Financial Close in days!

With DD-Ready™, investors effectively manage their due diligence teams and deal flow. With an Investor Dashboard giving the investors a snapshot of all their target companies and their progress at a single glance, timelines, costs and risk are mitigated – if not eliminated.

How to get started with DD-Ready™?


  • Register with DD-Ready™ as a fundraidser or an investor

Information Requests

  • As a fundraiser, you can speed up the process by proactively becoming DD-Ready™ even before the funding round begins: Follow the guidance of the DD-Ready™ system to reach DD-Ready™ status and become ready for the next due diligence examination. Meet internationally accepted industry standards with DD-Ready™’s due diligence information requests and checklists.
  • As an investor, you can invite potential target companies to provide the information you specifically require. DD-Ready’s Investor Dashboard gives a high-level overview of the performance of all target companies, and a detailed view of just one.

Communication and due diligence examination

  • Convert all your documents into an end-to-end encrypted document database and secure virtual data room with one click, using 1-Click VDR™.
  • Commenting features provide you with a safe and trackable way to move forward, towards faster, and better, investment decisions.
  • The DD-Ready Assistant tool ensures the company remains DD-Ready at all times.


Take a look at a few of our references

The DD-Ready status logo on company website means that the company is ready for due diligence examination at all times.

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