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Automated. Intuitive. Intelligent. The due diligence collaborative process platform that ensures you’re DD-Ready™ – at all times.

Discover how DD-Ready can help you

Due diligence examinations can be complex, time consuming and expensive. Being DD-Ready™ streamlines the entire process. Start making safer, better and faster investment decisions.

Are you ready for faster and safer funding rounds?

GROWTH COMPANIES must ensure that a potential investor has all the required information at their fingertips for faster investment decisions. How can the fundraiser save time, money and resources, and close the funding round in days instead of months?

INVESTORS need each potential target company’s due diligence documentation in their familiar form and on time. DD-Ready enables investors to efficiently manage investment deal flow, and follow and communicate with fundraisers and portfolio companies.

ALTERNATIVE FUNDING MECHANISMS are revolutionizing the financial sector. Equity crowdfunding platforms and cryptocurrencies need to ensure their business security and continuity. By requiring assets to be DD-Ready™ as a prerequisite to listing them on a funding platform, the marketplace becomes safe and self-regulated.

From our customers:

“EKOGRID has been DD-Ready since January 2017. The DD-Ready™ system helped us to expedite our funding round of 1.9 MEUR, and increased our credibility towards potential investors. Handling the documents and communication with the investors was efficient and productive using the commenting features. With the DD-Ready Assistant feature, it is easy to stay DD-Ready at all times!”

Iisak Lusua, CCO, EKOGRID

Be ready to grow – be DD-Ready!

Preparing for a streamlined due diligence examination is just a few simple steps away:

1. Registration

2. Information Requests

3. 1-Click VDR™

4. DD-Ready Assistant

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