The DD-Ready Story

The DD-Ready™ story begins in 2015 when the concept was developed by CEO and Co-founder Heikki Kauppinen, an international entrepreneurial lawyer and angel investor specialized in transactions and M&A. Heikki wanted to provide a solution for target companies’ inability to provide required due diligence documentation in the required form and on time. He also spotted that the tools used in due diligence examinations were ill-suited for the process and required a great deal of manual work.

The DD-Ready demo was launched in 2016 to support Heikki’s advisory firm in due diligence processes. During the next 18 months the demo was used with companies that have raised over 45 MEUR million to date.

It was obvious there was a need for the tool on the global market. After further concept and product development, Diligent Solutions Ltd. was established. The Finland-based fintech growth company has broadened its vision, and is now preparing DD-Ready™ for a global rollout.

Meet the DD-Ready Team

Heikki Kauppinen, CEO and Co-founder, is an entrepreneurial lawyer with degrees in civil and common law jurisdictions specialized in technology law, intellectual property rights and M&A. Heikki has a background in various VP and management positions in listed software and technology companies, as well as a strong background in law firms and the EU. Heikki has invested in six successful startups.

Janiina Kauppinen, CMO and Co-founder, is a marketing and communications professional whose experience encompasses strategic planning, interactive marketing, creative development, public relations and sales promotion. Janiina’s has an extensive background in planning and executing marketing and communications strategies for international companies within different business sectors.

Kim Sahlstedt, Head of Customer Operations, is a customer relationship professional with strong experience in all aspects of the customer experience process and a demonstrated track record in delivering outstanding customer service. Kim has a background in the financial industry and has held various service management and development positions, with an emphasis on creating, implementing and driving positive customer relationships, process development, user training, and project management. Kim is also a seasoned technical team leader with substantial experience in heading everything from small development projects to large-scale multi-vendor deployment and implementation projects.

Other key team members include cutting-edge technical experts and advisors from the fields of software development, customer experience, blockchain and AI.

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