DD-Ready™ and AskKauko partner up for greater impact

DD-Ready™ and AskKauko partner up for greater impact

DD-Ready and AskKauko have announced that they will begin cooperation in order to make sustainability and impact a measurable key performance indicator of business development and growth.

The collaboration will work on two fronts: On the platform side, both companies offer tools and services for building business structures around sustainability opportunities identified by the AskKauko platform. The other front addresses the growing need to develop measurable KPI’s for sustainability and impact, and thereby make corporate social responsibility a significant factor in determining companies’ enterprise value as part of their M&A processes.

– When building globally business opportunities and overcoming barriers to working together, shared tools, rules and processes, are needed. For that kind of transformation, standardization and automation are the way to go, states Heikki KauppinenCEO and Co-Founder of Diligent Solutions, the company behind DD-Ready™.

– Both companies believe in automation and measurability – and want to change the way we do business. That is a very inspiring basis for collaboration! states Klaus Matilainen, Co-Founder and CEO of AskKauko.

Diligent Solutions has re-invented the Information Request process of due diligence: DD-Ready (SaaS) is an intelligent data management platform built specifically for due diligence examinations as part of M&A transactions that provides automated (AI) qualitative analysis of documents based on verified market data. Diligent Solutions’ vision is the automation of the due diligence process.

AskKauko’s purpose is to increase the understanding of how to make the world more sustainable place. Helsinki-based software startup is developing a platform to connect the shareholders of sustainable development, increase their understanding about the impacts of co-operation to accelerate investments solving local and global sustainable development challenges.

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