DD-Ready™ successfully launches ahead of schedule

DD-Ready™ successfully launches ahead of schedule

Early launch exceeds all expectations

Diligent Solutions, the company behind DD-Ready™ and Asset Verification Protocol, has successfully launched the first commercialized version of DD-Ready™, the collaborative due diligence process platform.

Working to a tight schedule, the hyper-efficient team at Diligent Solutions went into production overdrive to ensure that the system would be ready for an October 2018 launch.

Key features

DD-Ready™ is a collaborative tool designed to facilitate fast and effective due diligence. The platform also powers the third-party verification service Asset Verification Protocol. Diligent Solutions’ vision is the automation of the due diligence process.

The DD-Ready™ system includes several key features:

  • Investors can send Information Requests, manage investment deal flow, and follow and communicate with fundraisers and portfolio companies.
  • For fund seekers, the system offers a streamlined process to become ready for due diligence – and remain so at all times.
  • DD-Ready™ allows easy integration of further advanced features, such as AI implementation. Jordan Sauchuk , Senior AI Advisor at Diligent Solutions, will execute these updates. The aim is to implement these features in early 2019.

Putting the user first

DD-Ready™ has been designed to optimize the user experience at every stage. A previous version of the system was piloted by RSM Finland, a member of the multi-national network of accounting firms. The feedback from this piloting stage has been crucial in the system’s ’s development.

Janiina Ojanen, CMO and Co-Founder of  Diligent Solutions: “An enjoyable user experience is not something complex systems usually offer. But this has always been our goal. That’s why the user experience has been at the core of our development. Due to our pilot with RSM Finland, we were able to use feedback from real users from day one.”

Teamwork integral to early launch

The tech innovators and customer care professionals at Diligent Solutions were determined to ensure the early launch of the DD-Ready™ system.

Heikki Kauppinen, CEO and Co-Founder of Diligent Solutions: “Our dedicated and talented team truly went the extra mile to achieve an early launch. The first commercial version of the system exceeds our expectations in all respects: the scope, usability and visuality are even better than we anticipated at this stage.”

Next steps

The successful launch of the DD-Ready™ system is a concrete step towards Diligent Solutions’ goal of automating the due diligence process by utilizing developments in AI and machine learning. It is proof that the Diligent Solutions team is ready for any challenge.

Customer piloting of DD-Ready™ is due to begin in November 2018.

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Janiina Ojanen, CMO and Co-Founder


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