DD-Ready – The Smartest Due Diligence Ecosystem in the World

DD-Ready is being built to be the smartest and largest due diligence ecosystem in the world.

We ensure startups and scale-ups close funding rounds faster. We promise investors and fundseekers better investment decisions and mitigated risk. We provide due diligence professionals opportunities to add value and make a difference in the emerging company space.

DD-Ready™ (Saas) guides the companies in becoming ready for the due diligence – and remaining so at all times.

Investors, due diligence service providers, Fundseekers and crowdfunding platforms benefit
from DD-Ready:

  • Using DD-Ready’s Information Request process investors get exactly the information they want, in the form they want – this saves their time and money. The system gives advice on best practices and methods to be applied in due diligence processes and materials.
  • DD-Ready guides the growth company through a process of becoming ready for due diligence and remaining so at all times – and speeds up their funding rounds and increases their credibility.
  • Crowdfunding platforms can use DD-Ready as a verification tool that ensures only high-quality, fraud-free cases make it to platforms.

DD-Ready™ users

  • Growth companies
  • Investors
  • Fundraisers
  • Financiers
  • Alternative funding mechanisms:
    • Crowdfunding platforms
    • Peer to peer lending platforms
    • Crypto funding platforms
  • Law firms
  • Financial administration service providers

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