Being DD-Ready™ means you are ready to grow!

DD-Ready (Saas) is an automated, intuitive and intelligent collaborative process platform. We ensure that you are ready for due diligence – and remain so at all times.

If you’re a fundraiser, you use the platform to become ready for due diligence, before the funding round begins. And you stay DD-Ready™ at all times. The system guides you through the process of collecting the required documentation. The 1-click-VDR™ (virtual data room) enables you to commence VDR immediately.

If you’re an investor, DD-Ready™ acts as an automated solution for collecting due diligence documentation according to your needs. The Dashboard gives a high-level overview of the performance of all target companies, and a detailed view of just one. DD-Ready’s 1-click-VDR™ is a safe interactive environment for reviewing and commenting on documents. Here you also manage the due diligence process and communicate internally as well as with the fundraiser and due diligence service providers.

DD-Ready™ can be used in legal due diligence and financial due diligence examinations. The system gives advice on best practices and methods to be applied in due diligence processes and materials. It can be customized to suit the desired corporate look and feel.

Explore DD-Ready’s features

DD-Ready™ users

  • Growth companies
  • Investors
  • Fundraisers
  • Financiers
  • Alternative funding mechanisms:
    • Crowdfunding platforms
    • Peer to peer lending platforms
    • Crypto funding platforms
  • Law firms
  • Financial administration service providers

The DD-Ready status logo on a company’s website guarantees that company is ready for a due diligence examination at all times.

DD-Ready™ Services

Asset Verification Protocol

Asset Verification Protocol (AVP) is a compact quality assurance procedure for the most central corporate governance documentation. Successful procedures are given the ASSET VERIFIED stamp.

The ASSET VERIFIED stamp signifies that a third party has validated certain defined elements of the fundraiser. This ensures that a company is legitimate. The AVP service provides continual maintenance of a company’s records, and examines any records, complaints or violations made against a company under public record.

The ASSET VERIFIED stamp is valid for three months at a time, and can be automatically renewed. Gaining the ASSET VERIFIED stamp can be a company’s first step towards being DD-Ready.

Tool for self-regulation

AVP is a cost-effective tool that answers the need for equity crowdfunding platforms and cryptocurrencies to become self-regulating. This is crucial to ensure their business continuity. For fundraisers, AVP and the ASSET VERIFIED stamp are a certification and marketing tool to attract investors.

Benefits of Asset Verification Protocol (AVP)

  • Increases the attractiveness and credibility of fundraisers in investors’ eyes: third party validation for basic company records.
  • Brand value for the asset: permits use of the ASSET VERIFIED stamp on an asset’s website and marketing material.
  • A cost-effective and rapid way to proceed towards ‘DD-Ready’ status – and even complete the entire due diligence examination using DD-Ready services. This ensures a faster and more fluent funding process for both asset and investor.

Discover how AVP can help you!

DD – Examination Services

The DD examination service provides due diligence reports for investors, or sample reports and/or audits for target companies to serve as pre-due diligence checks. The service is provided in collaboration with DD-Ready’s global, top-tier partners.

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“EKOGRID has been DD-Ready since January 2017. The DD-Ready system helped us to expedite our funding round of 1.9 MEUR, and increased our credibility towards potential investors. Handling the documents and communication with the investors was efficient and productive using the commenting features. With the DD-Ready Assistant feature, it is easy to stay DD-Ready at all times!”

Iisak Lusua, CCO, EKOGRID

“The world’s leading wave energy company AW-Energy uses DD-Ready for collecting due diligence documentation and maintaining our DD-Readyness. Faster and more fluent funding rounds are exactly what we, as an intensively growing technology company, need!”

John Liljelund, CEO, AW-Energy Oy

DD-Ready™ is proudly serving

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