DD-Ready System Features

For Fundraisers

With DD-Ready™ you will be first in-line for reviewal, and first to finalize your financial round. Using the enterprise value set by you.

  • Be ready for due diligence at all times
  • Speed up your investment round – from start to close in a few days
  • Fast and easy implementation
  • Customizable to match your corporate look and feel
  • Easy-to-use
  • Industry-specific Information Requests with customization possibilities
  • Guided process of documentation collection
  • Multi-level user profiles
  • Internal communication and project management tools & tasks
  • Share and view documents securely with industry leading encryption
  • Transform your entire document database into a secure virtual data room with one click using 1-Click VDR™
  • Mitigate risk and be in control with real-time dashboards that show the progress of due diligence documentation and reviewal
  • Remain DD-Ready™ at all times with the help of DD-Ready™ Assistant
  • Meet internationally accepted industry standards with DD-Ready™’s due diligence information requests and checklists

Use DD-Ready™ Services for streamlined funding rounds. Discover more about Asset Verification Protocol and DD – Examination

The DD-Ready status logo on a company’s website guarantees that company is ready for a due diligence examination at all times.

For Investors

DD-Ready™ and 1-Click VDR™ enable investors and fundraisers to manage deal flow, save resources and mitigate risks.

  • An automated solution for collecting documentation from fundraisers via customized Information Requests
  • Stay in control with the Dashboard and follow the DD-Readyness of your target companies’ progress – and track the progress and efficiency of your due diligence examination team
  • Track the progress of your due diligence review to effectively manage deal flow, resources and plan follow-up negotiations with 1-Click VDR™
  • Review documents securely and make notes for both internal and external use – send notes and questions to the fundraiser
  • Customize one or several Information Requests: Add, remove or replace new items for your specific requirements or industry

Tailored Solutions for Alternative Funding Mechanisms

For equity funding platforms, peer-to-peer lending platforms and crypto funding platforms that have the goal of becoming secure and self-regulated, we provide tailored solutions:

  • Asset Verification Protocol (AVP) ensures that each asset on the platform is legitimate. The ASSET VERIFIED stamp signifies that a third party has validated certain defined elements of the certified company.
  • The customized Dashboard tracks an asset’s progress and DD-Readyness
  • Self-regulation protects brands and offerings by carrying out due diligence on the assets presented on the site
  • Customizable to match your corporate look and feel

Discover more about Asset Verification Protocol!

For Partners

We provide customized solutions and partnership models for companies using DD-Ready to provide due diligence related services to their customers.

The level of DD-Ready™ Partnership may vary, from using the DD-Ready system for streamlined due diligence services, to more extensive collaboration via our DD Expert Advisory Team who offer consultation and expert opinions to DD-Ready users.

Discover how DD-Ready can help you. Contact us

Some of our main features


  • Customized NDAs
  • End-to-end file encryption
  • Document storage using industry-leading, secure service providers
  • Industry-leading authentication
  • 1-click-VDR™ for sharing due diligence documentation
  • Permission-based user roles
  • Document watermarking
  • Activity log
  • User log
  • GDPR compliance

1-Click VDR™

  • The simplest virtual data room (VDR) solution on the market
  • Turn your entire document database into a secure virtual data room – with one click
  • Permission-based access to files and its duration
  • Activity log and user log
  • End-to-end encryption

Deal Flow Management

  • Overview of fundraisers’ progress and permission-based access to fundraisers’ documentation via a customized Dashboard
  • Due diligence progress overview and management using a customized Dashboard
  • Communication tools, tasks, deadlines and alerts

Support and Customer Care

  • Fast and reliable technical support for effective system usage and uptake
  • DD Expert Advice for any questions regarding DD documentation and process
  • Personal Customer Account Manager

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