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On DD-Ready platform startups, growth companies, SME’s and scale-ups from all over the world are becoming ready for due diligence and carrying out the due diligence process with the support of carefully selected DD-Ready Partners. Investors, VC’s and funds benefit from streamlined service model that uses automation, templates and straight-to-the-point call-to-actions.

DD-Ready Partners are top-class service providers from different areas of due diligence such as financial advisors and auditors, law firms and technical auditors. Through the platform, DD-Ready Partners can deliver their services fast and efficiently, saving time and money – thus gaining ability to profitably serve the needs of startups and SME’s.


Why should my company become a part of DD-Ready Partner Ecosystem?

DD-Ready brings:

  • opportunities to add value and make a difference in the emerging company space
  • hot, targeted leads to sell more
  • transparent, easy and streamlined tool for providing the due diligence service
  • resource-savings through straight-to-the point service model and
  • employee retention by working smarter and automating the repetitive tasks
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What makes DD-Ready special?

  • Fast and straight-to-the-point support process to get connected with customers
  • Dynamic Information Request – use industry templates or customize you own
  • Standarzation & automation
  • Transparency and flexibility
  • Continuity of DD-Readiness
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Efficiency
  • GDPR compliant
  • Collaborative environment
  • Plug-in solution
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