Startupbootcamp is using DD-Ready in the MENA region!

Startupbootcamp is using DD-Ready in the MENA region!

DD-Ready was selected out of 450 companies globally to take part in Cohort 2 of Startupbootcamp’s highly competitive Fintech accelerator program running out of Fintech Hive at DIFC in December 2019. The currently ongoing Fintech program has opened and facilitated valuable business opportunities in Dubai (UAE) and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) for DD-Ready and other startups who are also participating in the program. 

And with 2 weeks until Demo Day, DD-Ready is ready to establish several pilots and collaborations with global entities, like their collaboration with Startupbootcamp, where the COO of Startupbootcamp MENA and Russia, Ibrahim Seksek expressed his excitement about using DD-Ready as a tool to onboard companies in Startupbootcamp’s programs and he states: 

– We have already started using DD-Ready to onboard Startupbootcamp Fintech companies and Startupbootcamp Smart Cities program is next. DD-Ready makes our process significantly more efficient and brings value to all startups applying and participating in the program!

DD-Ready’s CEO, Co-Founder Heikki Kauppinen expresses how thrilled he is that he is collaborating with a notable and global organization like Startupbootcamp and states: 

– Startupbootcamp is a global organization with over 20 industry-focused programs all over the world! We are dedicated to expanding collaboration and creating value to thousands of applicants from all over the world! 

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